Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Atlanta, Georgia

At around 9 AM, we set out on another drive - To Atlanta. Before heading to Atlanta, we stopped at a normal temple in Augusta. 

We reached Atlanta by around 11 AM and headed directly to the CNN studio where we took a tour of the place. Nothing impressive but it was the first time I was visiting a news studio, so it was interesting. 

We walked around the downtown area. It was drizzling. The weather was beautiful. 

We then went to a place in downtown called - Underground. This place is shady but very interesting. As the name indicates its at the basement and has full of shops and restaurants. I was attracted by the art and music at display down there. Artists were making portraits of people and many African Americans played Saxophone. I really enjoyed the ambience there.

We returned back to Augusta and spent another night there. 

The next day, we drove back to Mocksville. On my way to the airport, we stopped at Davidson and met some more of our colleagues - Dilip Patil and Amar. We had a short chat with them and then it was time to head back to Indiana. 

It was an interesting experience for me. In just three days, I had traveled to four states - Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. This trip had an interesting variety. 

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For the memorial day long weekend we had different plans. Jonah, BJ and Seb went to Florida and I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina. I had planned to meet my friend Sandeep at Mocksville,  a small town about an hour's drive from Charlotte. I immensely enjoyed my flight. Flying out alone is a great feeling. I enjoyed capturing the beautiful views on my camera. 

At Charlotte, Sandeep came to pick me up. Sandeep is from Mangalore, so, I had a good time talking to him in Tulu. I do miss speaking in Tulu, a language I really like to speak in. We drove to Mocksville. Mocksville is a very small town and the downtown was not very crowded. It was neat and quiet out there. We spoke a lot and retired to bed only at around night. 

Next day, we drove to Myrtle beach at around 9 AM. The beach was very crowded. There were a lot of motor bikes roaring its way to the beach side. There was a street by the beach where a lot of people had gathered. The crowd, I would not say was a very interesting one. There was too much happening there. 

We headed to the water and it was a great experience to enjoy the waves. As I plunged into the water and as waves pushed me back, it felt amazing. 

From the beach, we drove directly to Augsuta, Georgia. Our colleague, Maruti lived there. He had cooked some delicious egg curry and sabji for dinner. Post dinner, we watched television until 2 AM. It had been an interesting day.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Old Fort Niagara

This morning, we checked out of Scottish Inn and drove to Old fort Niagara which is about 30 mins drive from the falls. This is a beautiful place and I would highly recommend it to anybody making a trip to the falls. The place was absolutely serene and formidable. 

There was a special show at the fort were a war between French and English army was being enacted. 

I specially enjoyed a leisure walk along the shores of lake Ontario.  The shades of water colour was very interesting to watch. 

Just when we were about to pull off from the parking lot, a flock of seagulls took flight creating this magical moment. 

Our drive back was fun. BJ brought up some interesting topics to debate upon and we discussed how expensive weddings in India was a waste of money. It was an interesting discussion and a weekend was well spent. 

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Niagara Falls

This has been an exhilarating day. Jonah, Seb, BJ and I drove to Niagara falls. The drive was excellent. We had good conversation along the way. 

Niagara Falls 
Drive: Indianapolis to Niagara Falls
Start: 5 AM
Distance: 360 Miles
Expected Time: 9 hrs 5 Mins
Reached: 2:00 PM
Actual Time taken: 9 hrs 

On reaching the hotel that we had booked, we realised how crappy it actually was. Scottish inn is run by a Gujrati Indian and is horribly dusty with age old furniture. The refrigerator was filled with dust and looked like it was a century old. Anyways, looking at our disappointment and considering our shared ethnicity, the owner offered us a bigger room for the same money. 

Niagara falls is beautiful. We took a walk down the stairs that took us closer to the falls. The ferry ride called "maid of the mist" that takes us close to the horse shove falls was interesting. 

Almost 60% of the people there were Indians, 20% Chinese and rest from the other parts of the world. The light show at dusk was impressive.